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HPD offers a large variety of cryostats which can be configured individually. Depending on the required temperature and cooling power, different combinations of cryostats like pulse tube, ADR or dilution refrigerator may be chosen. Various contacting options like electrical feedthroughs, microwave conductors or fibers can be integrated.

Superconducting magnets can also be integrated.

For research in the millikelvin range, ADRs are a cost-effective alternative to DRs.


The cryogenic probe station Model 122 Kilimanjaro provides a low temperature platform with a closed helium cycle for device probing.  Common probe stations use manipulator arms fixed at room temperature which heat up the sample upon contact. So the real temperature of the sample is unknown.  In HPD Model 122 the probes are moved via low-temperature piezo positioners who are thermally anchored at 4 kelvin. This way, the manipulators do not create a heat link and the sample temperature is always known.


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