Application: In-situ TEM

Adjustable frames rates up to 1000+ fps, an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and a very large-field-of-view make the DE TEM cameras an ideal tool for in-situ TEM applications. No other TEM camera has a better S/N-ratio in each frame like the DE cameras.

Direct detection cameras from Direct Electron offer a very high frame rate (up to 1000+ fps) with an exceptional good signal-to-noise ratio and a very large-field-of-view. This combination gives researchers the possibility to generate in-situ TEM movies with very high detail accuracy. The DE cameras have the best signal-to-noise ratio per frame that you can find in the market and have also the best price-value relation.

The cameras were developed with three key parameters for in-situ TEM in mind:

  • High frame rate
  • High sensitivity
  • Low noise
DE-Series CamerasConventional CCDScintillator-Coupled CMOSOther Direct Detector
High Frame Rate+-++
High Sensitivity+--+
Low Noise+++-


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