AttoMap™ - µXRF analytical microscope

from Sigray

The AttoMap™ x-ray analytical microscope offers the highest resolution and the highest sensitivity one can find in a laboratory based microXRF system. The AttoMap™ system can be used for transmission-based x-ray structural analysis as well as for fluorescence chemical mapping. The system has a chemical sensitivity of <1-10 ppm for trace element analysis and the measuring time is within 1 second.


The key advantages of the AttoMap™ system compared to standard µXRF systems are three major innovations developed by Sigray.

  1. The patented FAAST™ x-ray source with 50X higher brightness than microfocus sources used in standard microXRFs
  2. Proprietary, high efficiency x-ray mirror lens that provides a combination of small achromatic focus and large working distance for superior detection sensitivity and accuracy
  3. Unique detector geometry enabled by the design of the x-ray mirror lens that collects 10X more fluorescence x-rays than conventional designs.

These innovations provide the AttoMap™ with the ultimate laboratory microXRF performance:

  • Substantially higher resolution at single digit microns-scale (e.g. 3-5 µm MTF) resolution versus conventional microXRF

    • Detectability of nanoparticles down to 50-100 nm

  • Dramatically faster analytical speed of a single minute - rather than a half day - for equivalent measurements on an AttoMap™ versus a conventional microXRF with up to 500X higher throughput
  • Sub-ppm and sub-femtogram sensitivity in seconds

    • >100X the sensitivity of standard microXRF
    • Only microXRF that can map trace elements (conventional microXRF is capable of mapping only major constituents at reasonable throughputs, as it requires long spot acquisition times for trace elements)

  • Most accurate quantification capabilities and optional dual energy source for maximum flexibility
  • Ability to analyze buried microfeatures
Spot SizeHigh Res (<8 µm) | Med Res additional optics also available
SensitivitySub-ppm relative detection sensitivity and capable of mapping trace elements. Picogram to femtogram absolute sensitvity (element & acquisition time dependent)
Additional Capabilities & Modules2D correlative x-ray imaging at <1 µm resolution included (standard)
Optical microscopy included (standard)
Future modules will be available as upgrades
Footprint54” W x 65.5” H x 38.5” D
Maximum Sample Size50 cm x 50 cm | 15 cm thickness
SourceSigray FAAST™ Microstructured Source
Target MaterialDual Energy Option, includes selection from: Ti, Cu, Rh, W, Pt, Zr, etc. Custom target options include materials that have previously not been used in conventional sources.
Power | Voltage | Current50 W | 20-50 kV | 4 mA
X-ray OpticSigray Twin Paraboloidal X-ray Mirror Lens
Transmission Efficiency~80%
Working Distance10 - 50 mm (customizable)
Interior CoatingPlatinum (increases NA of optic significantly)
X-ray DetectorsTwo SDD detectors and an X-ray Camera
Energy Resolution<135 eV at Mn-Ka


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