Phase shifting Fizeau interferometer with vibration tolerant algorithm

Verifire QPZ from Zygo

Verifire QPZ - high speed digital camera, accurate phase acquisition includes acquisition capability for accurate metrology in the presence of large production vibrations. 1024 x1024 pixel camera at 100Hz.

Vibration-tolerant interferometry QPSI technology shrugs off vibration from common sources
Standard 4" or 6" aperture
Complete accessory
Zygo transmission spheres and flats
Radius scale and downwardlooking configuration

The Verifire QPZ represents Zygo's newest Fizeau interferometer designed for uncompromised production metrology. A true laser Fizeau design, the Verifire QPZ utilizes proprietary methods to ensure reliable "ripple-free" phase measurements in vibration prone environments. Compatible with all standard Zygo accessories the Verifire QPZ is the one interferometric solution that can be trusted to provide accurate surface metrology in both production and QC environments – without compromise.


PSI enables metrology in environments with vibrations of a magnitude of up to ~150 nm. A passive isolation system is recommended with PSI acquisition.

Phase shifting Fizeau interferometer

Measure glass or plastic optical components like flats, lenses, and prisms - precision metal components like computer disks, bearing and sealing surfaces - polished ceramics, and contact lens molds, too.

Form of optical spheres ISO 10110-5

Transmission spheres 4" or 6" input aperture

Fizeau interferometer for optical flats measurements
High power stabilized HeNe, class IIIa wavelength 633nm


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