Ultra broadband polarizers

UBB Series from Moxtek

Ultra broadband polarizers are designed to offer an excellent solution for almost any multi-wavelength application. The wide-band characteristics of this polarizer, enables a wide range of products and technologies. Performance begins at 300 nm and works well throughout the visible and infrared range enabling its use in a wide variety of applications.

Nanowire Technology
>20° half angle without performance loss
Wavelength and AOI independent

With anhydrous Fused Silica substrate material, the performance will work well beyond 3 μm wavelength.

As with all ProFlux polarizers, the UBB series are capable of large acceptance angle which eases alignment concerns. Durability is similarly equivalent to all our ProFlux products recognized for their high durability in hot and environmentally difficult applications.

Moxtek’s advanced manufacturing technology is able to manufacture precision polarizers in high volume quantities for spectroscopy, astronomy, communications, semiconductor, machine vision, and other applications.

UV-VIS FTIR spectroscopy
UV Curving
UV exposure
IR Imaging
Machine vision


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